Will a reporter open your e-mail?

This morning the Business Editor of the Yorkshire Post told me that he gets more than 160 e-mails a day. His inbox is not unusual. Some journalists get as many as 300 e-mails, mostly press releases, every day. Even the most diligent reporters don’t have time to carefully consider each and every press release they receive, so which ones languish unopened in their inboxes for days? Even worse, which ones get trashed without being read?

Here are a few tips to help your press release get the attention it deserves.

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We’re All Human

What did you think of the appearance of Barclays former chief Bob Diamond at the Commons Select Committee?

Good wasn’t he? He was confident, slick and word perfect. Yet I didn’t warm to him, he was almost too good. I thought his polished, super human performance backfired, and he came across as arogant.

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Questions, questions

This week a client asked, “What should Michael Howard have done in that Newsnight interview?” It is the second time I had been asked the question in a month.

The infamous piece of telly is now 15-years-old yet it is still frequently recalled, particularly by those about face a journalist’s questions themselves. Recently it was in the papers once again when Treasury Minister Chloe Smith was similarly shredded by presenter Jeremy Paxman.

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