We’re All Human

What did you think of the appearance of Barclays former chief Bob Diamond at the Commons Select Committee?

Good wasn’t he? He was confident, slick and word perfect. Yet I didn’t warm to him, he was almost too good. I thought his polished, super human performance backfired, and he came across as arogant.

Before being interviewed on TV many people worry about making a mistake. Not a big mistake, they worry about stumbling over a word, losing their train of thought or just looking nervous.

They may indeed make such a slip-up – they are only human after all – but remember the people watching will be human too. If you find yourself facing the TV cameras, you should stop worrying. Far from ridiculing you, people watching will actually be very forgiving of the occasional stutter or stumble, in fact, there are times when an imperfect performance is more believable, more credible even, than a polished one like Bob Diamond’s.

I am not saying you shouldn’t aim to sound professional – you absolutely should. I am simply saying that you can relax. We all make mistakes, and an honestly made mistake in a TV interview is not a PR disaster, correct it and move on. We’re all Human.

Media tip. Don’t worry about making a minor mistake in a TV interview. If you don’t dwell on it, nobody else will.

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